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Bread Premixes

The complete baking mixes for bread and baked products are the result of product development carried out at the very highest level and while taking all individual customer demands into account. Baguettes, ciabattas, pretzels, rye bread rolls, multi-grain bread rolls, bread rolls with special types of grains (spelt), multi-grain and wholegrain bread or baking mixes for specialities such as potato bread roll or bread are just a few of the many recipes which can be created with the addition of Pfahnl bread and baked product mixes. A soft crumb, long-lasting freshness and perfect pore structure are just some of the advantages offered by Pfahnl’s products.

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For Pfahnl, food safety is a criterion that is crucial to success! Quality standards such as Bio, RSPO and origin-secured free run in the case of egg products authenticate the Pfahnl quality philosophy. Enquire about the comprehensive Clean Label (free of additives and E numbers) and our lactose-free product range.

Product Description Product Description
Grain Bread White/Brown The white and brown grain bread is made up of 60% pre-mix (referring to the flour) from various domestic varieties of grain and seed. It is the ideal grain mix for white or brown grain bread of all types. Mühlviertler Mix This mix is a balanced grain mix (concentration 18.2%) that is predominantly used to produce tasty varieties of bread, but it can also be used for various types of baked products as well.
Brown Malt Multigrain Dark malt multigrain is a malty and very tasty base mix for the production of baked products and bread. Baguette Mix K 10 The baguette mix K 10 is a concentrate which can be universally used to produce delicious baguettes, ciabattas and French white breads. The selected ingredients give a coarse-pored baked product with an intensive taste and one that stays fresh for longer.
Pfahnl Sonne (Sun) An ideal baking mix for the production of sunflower bread and baked products. Ears mix The ears mix is rich in fibre, and is a very tasty base mix for the production of wheat baked products, breadsticks, as well as special breads. Also suitable for direct dough kneading.
Kaiser Franz Brot (Emperor Franz-Joseph Bread) Thanks to the acidity it contains and the diverse spelt wholemeal, the universal bread mix can be used for rye-spelt-malt bread to produce tasty and strong rye-spelt bread that stays fresh for a long time. Multigrain A perfect grain baked product is the result every time with this grain mix.
Spelt Baked Products The various spelt baking mixes are great for producing savoury and robust spelt bread and other baked products.


The Pfahnl Mühle is Austria’s second largest private mill. Through expansion and renovation in 2007, it now counts among the most modern high-tech mills in the sector thanks to the high technological standards.

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As one of the most important players in the milling and baking ingredients industry, food safety is one of the criteria which is decisive for Pfahnl's success. 

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