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Coatings and Seeds

Numerous baked products can be enhanced with decorative products and seeds from Pfahnl. It's because it's what's on the outside that counts, too. Nuts and seeds not only add to the taste and nutritional value of the bread, but they also add to its appearance.

The decorative products from Pfahnl Backmittel GmbH are adapted to meet the different needs of industrial as well as traditional bakeries. These include decorative icing sugar for traditional Christmas fruit cake and covering a fluffy Berliner. And in these cases, the sugar is not just a sweetener, but also a taste enhancer.



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For Pfahnl, food safety is a criterion that is crucial to success! Quality standards such as Bio, RSPO and origin-secured free run in the case of egg products authenticate the Pfahnl quality philosophy. Enquire about the comprehensive Clean Label (free of additives and E numbers) and our lactose-free product range.

Product Description Product Description
Special Decorative Icing Sugar for Christmas Fruit Cake The special decorative icing sugar from Pfahnl was developed to decorate high-fat, packaged baked products. Sesame, Husked The sesame seeds from Pfahnl have a purity of 99.5% and are free from any contaminations.
Sunflower Seeds The sunflower seeds from Pfahnl are free from contaminations and are 99.95% pure. 2-4 mm Roasted Hazelnuts The roasted 2-4 mm hazelnuts from Pfahnl are ground gently and can be used in the preparation of sweet foods and baked products.
Sprinkle Mix The sprinkle mix from Pfahnl consists of linseeds, corn flakes, oat flakes and sunflower seeds and it is particularly suitable for small baked products. Vanilla Sugar The decorative product vanilla-sugar from Pfahnl is flavoured with natural vanilla flavour.
Decorative Icing Sugar The decorative icing sugar from Pfahnl has been specially developed for packaged baked products that place significant demands on the stability of the decorative sugar due to the moistness. Vani-Sugar The decorative product Vani-sugar from Pfahnl is flavoured with bourbon-vanilla flavour.
Berliner/ Doughnut Icing Sugar The doughnut icing sugar is a variant of the decorative icing sugar from Pfahnl. Special Decorative Icing Sugar For Christmas Fruit Cake This special decorative icing sugar from Pfahnl is free of trans-fatty acids and not hardened and was developed to decorate high-fat, packaged baked products.
Vanilla Sugar The decorative product from Pfahnl consists of flavoured sugar with vanilla flavour. Vita Melon IK Vita Melon IK from Pfahnl is a special seed mixture and consists of cornflakes, oat flakes, sesame and melon seeds.
Steamed Pfahnl Poppy Steamed Pfahnl poppy is produced from selected poppy plants. Particular importance is placed on the typical poppy taste and that the seeds are sufficiently finely crushed during special production processes. Steamed Pfahnl Grey Poppy Steamed Pfahnl grey poppy has grey-black seeds and a particularly typical poppy taste.
Morphine-Reduced Opium Poppy This product from the Pfahnl product range is produced from selected poppy plants. Particular value is placed on the poppy taste, stability and the dark colour.


The Pfahnl Mühle is Austria’s second largest private mill. Through expansion and renovation in 2007, it now counts among the most modern high-tech mills in the sector thanks to the high technological standards.

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As one of the most important players in the milling and baking ingredients industry, food safety is one of the criteria which is decisive for Pfahnl's success. 

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