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Dough and Bread Improvers

White and bread baking improvers are mainly used in rye bread and mixed wheat/rye-wheat breads. To bake these breads, acids or sourdoughs are needed in order to gain flexible crumbs, in the same way, another stabilizing component is often also needed. With its various dough acidifying agents and Brotfix bread stabilizer, Pfahnl has developed the right solution for both industrial and handicraft businesses.

The processes of fermentation time management such as fermentation interruption, fermentation delay and the cool-rising process place high requirements on the stability of the dough pieces.

Through continuous further development and research, Pfahnl’s range also includes special products such as baking improvers for pita breads or various organic baking improvers.

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For Pfahnl, food safety is a criterion that is crucial to success! Quality standards such as Bio, RSPO and origin-secured free run in the case of egg products authenticate the Pfahnl quality philosophy. Enquire about the comprehensive Clean Label (free of additives and E numbers) and our lactose-free product range.

Product Description Product Description
Edelmalz Frost Edelmalz Frost and Edelmalz Frost Plus are premium baking improvers which are suitable for baking interruption and baking delay (dosage: 3%). The aromatic, malty bread roll taste is characteristic for this product. The use of Edelmalz Frost produces dry and woolly-textured dough. Meister-Fladen (Pita Bread) Meister-Fladen is a high-performance bread roll baking improver with 2% dosage. It has excellent baking properties.
TK-HG-Frost Neu (Deep frozen partly baked baking improver) This is a high-performing baking improver for the production of bread rolls and baguettes using the partly-baked process. Organic Baking Improver Organic Baking Improver contains 2% or 3% of selected ingredients from controlled organic cultivation. It ensures dry, resilient doughs for the production of various intensively tasting breads, biscuits and small pastries.
Frostmeister Plus Frostmeister Plus and Frostmeister Spezial are high-quality bread roll baking improvers for baking interruption and baking delay which ensure optimal volume and dough yield as well as preventing drying out and chipping. Malzkönig 3% Malzkönig 3 % is THE ideal bread roll baking improver for all bakers who place importance on the special active ingredient mixture and it is excellently suitable for baking delay and baking interruption (up to 3 days). A distinct malt taste, a perfect bloom crust and an attractive colour are the result.
EURO Baking Improver 2% EURO baking improver is a high-performance bread-baking improver with 2 % dosage. If has excellent baking properties and goes without the use emulsifying agents. Goldperle plus Goldperle plus produces dry, stably baking doughs and ensures tasty, high-volume baked products are produced that stay fresh for longer.
Bäckergold SP Bäckergold SP is a modern, high-performance emulsifying agent (dosage 2%) that guarantees an active bloom crust, large volume and dry plastic dough. Bäckergold SP bakes stably and is suitable for direct dough kneading!


The Pfahnl Mühle is Austria’s second largest private mill. Through expansion and renovation in 2007, it now counts among the most modern high-tech mills in the sector thanks to the high technological standards.

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As one of the most important players in the milling and baking ingredients industry, food safety is one of the criteria which is decisive for Pfahnl's success. 

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