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Fillings & Creams

Pfahnl's fillings / stuffings and cream products enable the customer to produce pastries and fine baked goods with high processing safety.  The fillings can be used for decoration and provide stable contours that always turn out successfully, as well as remaining stable when baked or frozen.

But, in particular, the freshness of the fillings is the primary focus in all cases. The highest demands on quality are made and adhered to when roasting and grinding the nuts. In the case of the poppy filling, the sales partners can see the high level of water absorption and the avoidance of hollow baking for themselves.

The products are always in line with the guidelines for fine baked goods and the code for baking products.

Assortment / List

Clean Label




Private Label

For Pfahnl, food safety is a criterion that is crucial to success! Quality standards such as Bio, RSPO and origin-secured free run in the case of egg products authenticate the Pfahnl quality philosophy. Enquire about the comprehensive Clean Label (free of additives and E numbers) and our lactose-free product range.

Poppy filling

Product Description Product Description
Poppy filling 35% to 60%, stable when baked and frozen, The poppy filling has a poppy percentage of 35% to 60%. Thanks to the high-quality, careful selection and finely coordinated individual components, this product is suitable for the reliable and rational production of a tasty poppy filling. The fillings remain stable when frozen, stay fresh for a long time, ensure a high level of water absorption and no hollow baking. Steamed Pfahnl Poppy Steamed Pfahnl poppy is produced from selected poppy plants in a special production process. Particular value is placed on the typical poppy taste, high stability and the dark colour. The special steam process during production guarantees particular stability, finely crushed poppy seeds that absorb a lot of water.

Nut mixes

Product Description Product Description
Nut-Wedge Mix This mix is best suited for the simple production of tasty nut wedges. Easy and clean slicing, long-lasting freshness and a high level of convenience are what make this product such high quality.

Nut Fillings

Product Description Product Description
Hazelnut Filling Premium The extra high percentage of roasted and chopped hazelnuts (50%) makes the Hazelnut Filling Premium a tasty and high-quality hazelnut filling. Thanks to its very good baking stability and the intensive taste, the nut filling is ideal for baked products of all types. Nut Filling 50% frozen, and is characterized by its ability to absorb high volumes of water and the ease with which it can be processed.

Hazelnut Filling plus The hazel nut filling plus consists of roasted, aromatic hazelnuts (30%). This filling is characterized by a high level of water absorption and optimal processing properties in portioning systems. The filling grows when adding raising agent and no hollow baking are further product advantages. Hazelnut Filling The hazelnut filling consists of freshly roasted, aromatic hazelnuts and further selected ingredients. The filling is characterized in particular by a high level of water absorption and optimal processing properties.
Hazelnut Filling 20% to 38%, stable when baked and frozen, The hazelnut filling is available containing different percentages of hazelnut and – despite its slightly lower nut content – has an excellent and full-flavoured-nut taste, high level of water absorption and optimal processability. Roasted Hazelnut Flour 100% roasted and finely ground hazelnuts mean that the hazelnut flour can be used universally. A golden-brown colour as well as the aromatically fresh roasted taste are what characterize the desserts and baked products made of this flour.

Walnut Filling 40% The walnut filling is stable when frozen and is an exquisite and customised ready-to-use filling, which is produced from selected and stringently controlled raw ingredients. The overall nut content is 40%. It is also suitable for desserts thanks to its mild taste.

Cream Products

Product Description Product Description
Cold-Cream Premium This cream product offers a wide array of possibilities when it comes to the processing. It allows for a fast and reliable production which meets the highest quality demands and is characterised by being easy to slice accurately as well as its baking and contour stability. Deep-Frozen Vanilla Cream The deep-frozen vanilla cream is a cream used for making basis creams that remain stable when frozen and baked. It is used as an economical basis for rich creams and filling creams and has a good baking-stability.
Vanilla Baking Cream This baking cream with natural bourbon-vanilla flavour is ideal for baking-proof basis creams (basis for rich creams and filling creams) and sauces. The prepared cream may be described as vanilla cream. Vanilla Baking Cream The cold-cream powder is used a basis cream that remains stable when baked and can be used for decoration (basis for rich cream and filling cream) and sauce with vanilla flavour. Thanks to its excellent and fine vanilla taste, it is ideal for use in the production of filling creams for Danish pastries and doughnuts.


The Pfahnl Mühle is Austria’s second largest private mill. Through expansion and renovation in 2007, it now counts among the most modern high-tech mills in the sector thanks to the high technological standards.

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As one of the most important players in the milling and baking ingredients industry, food safety is one of the criteria which is decisive for Pfahnl's success. 

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