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Pastry Products

With diverse convenience products, Pfahnl provides its customers with high-quality products for the safe production of outstandingly tasting pastry products. Customised recipe configuration, whether for doughs, fillings or masses, allows the production of fine baked goods for a wide variety of standards and requirements. A large number of use recipes are also available.

Product development focuses on high processing safety, safe processing, high fermentation stability and guaranteed results.

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For Pfahnl, food safety is a criterion that is crucial to success! Quality standards such as Bio, RSPO and origin-secured free run in the case of egg products authenticate the Pfahnl quality philosophy. Enquire about the comprehensive Clean Label (free of additives and E numbers) and our lactose-free product range.

Product Description Product Description
Cheese Cake Mix The ready mix is ideal for the simple and secure production of fluffy, light yeast-quark dough. Selected and high quality individual components round off the taste and keep the baked products and flat cake made from this fresh for a long time. Concentrate for Top-Quality Baked Products The curd/quark stabilisers from Pfahnl give the curd/quark fillings good stability and prevent water from settling due to cooling or even when the baking process is interrupted.
Quark Ball Mix This convenience product is perfect for the production of tasty, moist and stable quark/curd balls as well as similar pastries, and is available in different varieties. Sponge Cake Flour Sponge-cake flour is a special flour that has been developed for the production of cake bases, baked bowls, Swiss-rolls and similar top-quality baked products. The Pfahnl product range offers customers the possibility to add fresh eggs or to add dried whole-egg powder together with baking ingredients. The carefully-selected raw ingredients in all produce ensure a particularly moist product.
Ready Mix Top-Quality baked Products The ready-mix products allow top-quality baked goods such as half-and-half cookies, gingerbread, Danish pastries, and croissants to be made. When these mixes are used, the doughs are guaranteed to be soft and moist, as well as staying fresh for longer and simply delicious to eat. Royal Muffin Mix The Royal Muffin Mix light or dark is an innovative special mix for the production of excellent-quality light or chocolate muffins. The especially fine crumb texture, delicious rounded taste and moistness are characteristic for these top-quality baked products.
Quark & Yeast Doughs This ready mix guarantees a straight-forward production of the finest butter-yeast quark dough products which stay fresh for a long time. Pfahnl products allow you to produce from 0 to 100% a wide variety of top-quality baked quark products ranging from butter yeast-quark dough to yeast-quark dough. This convenience product offers a variety of advantages such as optimal machinability, no final baking is required, large volume of the baked products, and delicate baked products that stay fresh longer. Yeast Dough The yeast-dough flour and the yeast-dough basis mix or yeast-dough "Meister" are produced from top-class quality and high-value raw ingredients and components which are carefully coordinated to compliment each other perfectly. With yeast-dough flour, yeast baked products such as Zöpfe (braided yeast buns), strudel, breakfast backed products and pastries, croissants, Danish pastries, etc. are produced. The advantages are a soft, fluffy crumb texture and woolly-structured doughs that stay fresh for longer.
Berliner/Doughnut Flour/Concentrate The Pfahnl "Butterberliner/doughnut flour” is a ready mix which has been developed in order to produce high-quality delicious Berliner/doughnuts. The universal concentrate that has been especially developed for the production of Berliner/doughnuts makes it possible to easily and rationally produce the dough that in turn produces delicious Berliner/doughnuts, which stay fresh for longer, with very good stability, attractive volume, stable collar and limited fat absorption. Soft cake mixture The ready mix and/or ready flour are designed for the rational All-In process for fruit and Pound cake and similar applications. The raw materials that have been selected to compliment each and the fact that this cake stays fresh for a long time are the positives that characterise this cake and ensure that it is easy and reliable to make.


The Pfahnl Mühle is Austria’s second largest private mill. Through expansion and renovation in 2007, it now counts among the most modern high-tech mills in the sector thanks to the high technological standards.

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As one of the most important players in the milling and baking ingredients industry, food safety is one of the criteria which is decisive for Pfahnl's success. 

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