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  • First documented mention of the Pfahnlmühle

  • Front side of the mill

  • The mill on the Aist river

  • Letter paper from the period

  • Diesel engine from the period

  • Ancestors of the Pfahnl family

  • Kunstmühle Pfahnlmühle

  • Leopold Pfahnl

  • Bagging from that period

  • Beginning of baking improver production

  • Redesign of the storage and production facilities for baking improvers

  • Internationally recognised quality certifications

  • Opening of the first export distribution offices in the Czech Republic

  • Renovation into one of Europe’s most modern mills

  • Ongoing investments into the most modern control technologies

  • Exports to more than 30 countries worldwide

Pfahnl – The Traditional Company

The history of the Pfahnlmühle business premises in can be traced back 500 years: It was officially documented for the first time in the year 1472.

The location of the business on the banks of the Waldaist River benefited the founding of energy-intensive enterprises at that time. So the predecessor of today's flour mill was a saw mill among others.

The producer of flour and baking ingredients is now being successfully managed in the eighteenth family generation by Andreas and Herbert Pfahnl. In the 1980s, the expansion of the flour improver production was initiated and since then it has been continuously modernised and expanded. Since 2007, the Pfahnlmühle has been one of the most modern and high-tech mills in the world with a daily production capacity of 330 tonnes.

Pfahnl - one family, one company

since 1476

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