Special low-ash wheat flours.

Flours – Special low-ash wheat flours

For Burek or baguettes and speck-free wheat flours for puff and flaky pastries.

The special low-ash wheat flours from Pfahnl are also ideal for making strudel dough and sponge. Our range is your perfect partner when it comes to taste variety!

Burek flour.

Flours with a low-ash content and light flours that are guaranteed to be free of specks thanks to the latest online measurements. Are you looking for a flour for making particularly thin doughs? With its very elastic gluten and strong bite, the Burek flour is exactly what you need!
The dosing for this type 380 flour depends on the product art. For doughnuts, for example, it is between 20 and 100%.

Special Burek flour.

Your product diversity is our mandate. Our special Burek flour is a very stable and strong flour for very thin doughs with long-time production. It is ideal, for example, for making Burek. The dosing for this type 380 flour is between 20 and 100%.
What makes it special: our special Burek flour can also be dosed at 20 to 30% for making doughnuts.