Wheat flours with a high-quality protein content.

Flours - Wheat flours with a high-quality protein content.

For creating perfectly shaped buns, rolls and breads.
Can be used for direct, long-time or fermentation-interrupted production.

Croissant flour.

For breakfast or as a snack: a perfect golden-brown croissant – ideal for indulging your customers. Pfahnl’s recipe contains more premium wheat, which gives the flour a higher gluten content than a standard wheat flour. The flour is type 550 and untreated, which guarantees a light white crumb colour with even flaking for frozen and puff pastries. It can also be used in many ways: from doughnuts to puff pastries.

Kaiser wheat flour type 550.

The Kaiser wheat flour from Pfahnl is ideal for enabling you to store your frozen products for longer. The use of a high proportion of quality wheat gives the flour a higher gluten content, which makes your product visually more appealing and also more versatile.

Power flour/high protein flour.

The power package among the Pfahnl flours. A special sieving technology gives the flour a very high protein content and small amounts can be added to standard recipes. The flour creates an elastic dough with a dry surface, which makes it better for use in machines. By the time you see the baking results at the latest, you'll be impressed by the larger volume created by our high-protein flour.

Doughnut flour.

A stable surface, no bubbles and reduced wrinkling – bring a shine to your product diversity with our doughnut flour. The use of a high proportion of premium flours creates a high protein content. With the simple recipes from Pfahnl, you'll discover a new variety in the range.