Special wheat flours.

Flours – Special wheat flours

For the industrial production of dumplings, pizzas, toasts or pretzels.


French-style flour – with Austrian quality. The low gluten content of around 26% creates a short bite yet still provides sufficient energy. The flour is lightly treated with acerola and malt flour and guarantees the perfect baguette with long-lasting crustiness – made in Austria.

Durum wheat flour.

The type 800 durum wheat flour doesn't just provide a great bite. It also keeps your product fresh for longer and gives it a nice yellow colour. The dosing ranges from 2 to 100%, with the 100 percent use primarily suited to Mediterranean breads.

Powdered flour.

The best of two worlds. The Pfahnl powdered flour is the perfect combination of wheat flour and rye flour. Potato starch is added to the powdered flour to make it as free flowing as possible. Throughout the process, the Pfahnl powdered flour enables you to create an appealing look, better crunch and a nicer shape.

Wholegrain flour (Ruchmehl).

Are you looking for the perfect flour for your sourdoughs or poolish? The high-gluten wheat flour with a high degree of fineness is ideal for this but can also be used for direct handling. The type 1200 wholegrain flour contains fine bran, which enables the dough to absorb a lot of water. This gives the bread a crumb that is full of character and has a particularly aromatic taste. The flour is dosed at between 20 and 100%.